"I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!"   Jade, Sunrise Movement Lehigh Vally, Pennsylvania
"THIS IS SUPER COOL."   Sunrise Movement DeKalb, Illinois
"WHAT A GREAT IDEA."  Citizen's Climate Lobby, Green Bay, Wisconsin
"WHAT A GOOD IDEA."   Sunrise Movement, Newark, Delaware
"GREAT WORK..."  Citizen's Climate Lobby, Broward County, Florida
"GREAT JOB..." Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition, Massachusetts
"...SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA." Citizen's Climate Lobby, Boston Metro West

Thomas Edison:  I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.  What a source of power!  I hope we don't have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that.  I wish I had more years left.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were to become somewhat fashionable for people to spend their money at businesses that have done cleaner energy projects? 

Hand sanitizer can be hard to find.  If you need some or know of someone who needs some, consider buying it from a Durham, North Carolina distillery that uses solar.  Hand sanitizer made with solar energy.  Whiskey Acres Distilling of Illinois also makes hand sanitizer with solar.

Blue Ridge Graphics of Virginia uses solar and makes face masks with print on them.

This site is devoted to reducing or slowing global warming/climate change by informing U.S. consumers, whether travelling or at home, and visitors to the U.S., where they can spend their money to reward businesses that have done (or whose landlords have done) renewable energy projects to make, store, etc., their products and services.  Doing this will not only reduce the problem, but it will reduce air pollution and respiratory problems too. 

When businesses that haven't done renewable projects see consumers doing this, many may decide to pursue renewable projects themselves so as not to lose market share, even though using renewables is already a great investment for many businesses without considering market share, especially with the federal tax breaks for homes and businesses.  The homes tax break is at its highest until 2032, then in 2033 it drops slightly, and then in 2034 it drops slighly again.  The business tax break runs till 2033.  Heat pumps and some appliances are eligible for federal tax benefits too.  And many states are offering tax incentives to businesses (and/or homeowners) that do renewable energy projects.

I challenge you to find (or create) a website that will reduce global warming/climate change more than this website.  I hope you'll tell others about it.
There are three sections related to spending your money at businesses using renewables:

One is mail order/online ordering for the millions who enjoy shopping by mail and shipping to their address, and it can be accessed here. 

A second is Places.  These are buildings you go to to buy products and services, and it can be accessed here.  Hopefully, if not now, later, you can learn about businesses in your area you might want to do business with because they've done renewable energy projects.  

On the Road AgainGoing to take a Sentimental Journey Vacation?  Day Tripper Ramblin ManGoing Up the Country?  Many Americans, perhaps most, have never slept in a building powered by solar, or eaten in a restaurant powered by solar.  If you're traveling, why not try to stay and eat at businesses using renewable energy?  The third section is a list of such businesses throughout the country.  Places to lodge will run from New York City to cabins, cottages, and homes in beautiful secluded places across the nation.  Places to eat will run from mom and pop diners to fancy pants to fast food to ethnic to organic to everything else.   Here Comes the Sun.  You can now read about lodging and eating choices in 46 states and Washington D.C.  Click here.  More states may be added soon.

(Many who enjoy eating out while not traveling might also benefit from using the traveling site to discover local restaurants using renewable energy.)

A note on alcohol.  Ask your bartender, waitress/waiter, liquor store clerk, or some store employee what beers, wines, or spirits they have made by those who've done renewable energy projects.  (To see a list of wineries that use renewables, check out the wineries list in the mail order/online ordering section mentioned above.  If you like craft beers, click here for a national list of brewers that have done renewable projects.  If you want people to learn they can buy products made by businesses that have done renewable energy projects, think about hosting a beer or wine party where everyone or every couple has to bring a four pack or six pack of beer or a bottle of wine made from renewables.  Years ago, before craft beers and global warming, I attended a party where everyone had to bring a six pack of a foreign beer.  It was an interesting party.  The host didn't complain when the party was over and people had left beer at his house.    

I can't do what I've done for the Madison area in the Places Wisconsin section for the entire nation, and I could use your help.  I need spotters - people to inform me about businesses that have done a renewable energy project that aren't mentioned on this website.  I can't pay you.  If you've  questions about being a spotter or want to send me information,  contact me at signit2@hotmail.com.   (The best I can do, if you want, is publicly thank you on this site, as I've thanked some at the beginning of some states in the Places section.)

Visit the potpourri section.  It now has an opinion piece I've penned about how I hope our mad dash to use cleaner energy evolves.  It could get ugly.  More will be added to this section.

I have not endorsed any of the businesses on this site, and haven't used most of them.  Therefore, as usual in the marketplace, buyer beware.

My previous project was making a documentary called One Punch Homicide.  I'd like to think it might reduce violence - all types of violence - more than anything in our time.  It's received some great reviews, the first thing you'll read at www.onepunchhomicide.com, where you can also watch the 87 minute film free.  If you like it and have a credit card, you can pay after viewing it.  It would be appreciated.  If you think others should see it, you might let your local library know I'm making it available so every public library in the nation can show it publicly once for free.

I've also made three sign language videos primarily for hearing kids.  They feature talented deaf performers, and I may have been the first producer to use professional deaf performers to teach sign.  Two of the videos; Sign Songs, and Sign and ABCs; have won national awards.  Sign Songs was named in 1994 as one of the best videos produced for video by Booklist and the American Library Association.  Skipping Stones named Sign and ABCs one of the two best kids' videos of 1998, the Chicago Tribune gave it five stars, their highest rating, and the L.A. Times wrote: "From Steve Kokette, creator of the engaging "Sign Songs" video, this playful, well-produced introduction to American Sign Language is enjoyable for anyone...With a raft of kids and two highly appealing professional actors who take center stage, acting out word skits to bring to life: Antoinette Abbamonte...and John Kinstler." 

If you've enjoyed what you've read at this site, or if you've enjoyed using the website as a consumer, please consider sending me a donation so I might be able to spend less time at my real job, and more time working on the site.  However, the site is not part of a non-profit organization, so you cannot write off any donation you send me on your taxes.  Make any check you send payable to Steve Kokette, and send it to me at: PO Box 2302, Madison, WI 53701.  I'd appreciate it.   

Steve Kokette, author of Money Saving Conservation Products and Projects for the Homeowner (1978)


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