Please let me know if you're aware of other business that have done solar, wind, or heat pump projects, or if you find a broken link.   Steve Kokette

Coffee By Design   (Maine)   Roast Magazine's 2020 Roaster of the Year

Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters   (Washington)   also offers single-serve coffee bags   no machine required

Light of Day Organics   (Michigan)   tea

Dynamite Roasting Co.   (North Carolina)   organic

Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea   (Vermont)

Onyx Coffee Lab   (Arkansas) 

Camano Island Coffee Roasters   (Washington)   first bag free   organic

Eldorado Coffee  (New York)  free shipping over $60.00

Sidecar Coffee   (Iowa)

White Heron Tea and Coffee   (New Hampshire)   organic tea and coffee

Solar Roast Coffee   (Colorado)   organic   claim to be inventors of world's only solar powered coffee roaster

Combs' Coffee   (Texas)   sells tea and more too

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters   (Vermont)   also sell tea and more

O'Henry's Coffee   (Alabama)

Covenant Coffee   (California)   Hope in a Cup   benefiting foster youth

Wonderstate Coffee  (Wisconsin)   organic

Publik Coffee Roaster   (Utah)

BioWilly's Beans   (Washington)

Larry's Coffee   (North Carolina)   organic

Desert Sun Coffee Roasters   (Colorado)  organic

Roos Roast Coffee   (Michigan)   sells tea too

Wicked Joe   (Maine)   organic coffees

AZ Roast   (Arizona)  

Peace Coffee   (Minnesota)   organic

Dunx Coffee   (North Carolina)

Sawdog Coffee   (Vermont)

Manchester Street Coffee   (Wyoming)